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So I don't mind at all that the mail person left the package (of yarn!) in front of my door today. I really don't. What I find perplexing is that it was waiting for me as I was on my way home from the post office to pick up the package (of pre-yarn!) that the mail person wouldn't leave in front of my door the other day (Sunday!). The one I had to get from the post office was smaller, lighter and less valuable. No, before you ask, it didn't require a signature or payment. It's the inconsistency.

In happier news, I have lots of yarn and pre-yarn! Mineallmine!

Date: 2012-01-11 01:28 am (UTC)
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Date: 2012-01-11 05:38 pm (UTC)
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My biggest consistency pet peeve like that is with the TTC and enforcement of their transfer policies. There is a bus, the 100, which goes from my workplace to Eglinton Station. There is another bus, also numbered the 100, which just goes from my work to Eglinton and Don Mills, just a few blocks away, then doubles back. This other, weird route comes MUCH more frequently -- maybe five times as often. There are other routes that I can catch home from Eglinton and Don Mills that come much more often as well. So ideally, if the tiny loop route comes along first, it makes sense to take it, grab a transfer, and then grab the first bus along Eglinton to the station from there. And many drivers will, in fact, instruct you to do that (or act like you're an idiot if you behave like you don't know that you can do that).

However, the route that goes right to the station and the little loop route have the same number. So if you take the little loop and then the next bus along is the one of that number that goes to the station, *technically* you can't use your transfer, even though you can use your transfer for the other route that is identical from that point on that has a different number. Now, 19 out of 20 drivers know how dumb that situation is, and will let you on, or even encourage you. Every 20th time or so you'll get a driver who will treat you like you're a criminal / scammer, chew you out, yell at you, etc. And not only does this mean that there's a small and somewhat random risk of public humiliation, but also that there's a small and somewhat random risk of having to pay twice for your trip.

I tend to avoid it by just never taking the little loop bus (or if I do, waiting for only differently-numbered busses at the DM/E stop), but then it irks me knowing that I *probably* could have gotten home faster and had no problems.

If it were 100% allowed or 100% disallowed, I'd be able to plan accordingly and never have to worry about whether or not I made a sub-optimal choice.


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