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I have just placed what is becoming my annual Elann order. Two sweaters' worth of yarmz will be heading my way as soon as they pack 'em up and ship 'em out! (You may say something silly like "only two sweaters a year?" but rest assured, I have many many yarn sources.)

It's also becoming pretty much a tradition to say in January that I'm going to knit from stash this year. I start out well, with only a small slip-up or two in the first nine months or so. (There are exceptions: anything for a gift or whatever I need to complement a stash yarn for a project is just fine.) The real problems start as the weather cools and I get needing warm fuzzy comfort. Yeah, in the last three months of 2011, I bought yarn for three cardigans. I did get one of them finished, and the other two are right up there in the queue. But you see how it is.

The new plan is one I found someone else doing: for every amount of yarn from stash I knit, I can buy half that much in new stash. Theoretically, the stash will always reduce. Theoretically. (Also, there's quite a lot of stash to reduce.)

Also also, I "supported" Laughing Rat's "closing my Etsy store for now" sale by buying some spinning slivers. La! (I learned today that worsted spinning [what I do] uses slivers, not roving; roving is for woolen spinning, and the fibres go in every which direction. Who knew? Now I do.)
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