ginny_t: A close-up of chess pieces, the text reads "the queens we use would not excite you" a quote from "One Night in Bangkok" Photo taken by troubleinchina (intellectual snobbery)
2012-04-18 11:45 am

Advice for men of the world (an ongoing but irregular series):

That wallet in your back pocket ruins the line of your butt. Do you want that?

The BlackBerry at your side messes with the line of your suit jacket right at your waist. Do you want that?

If you are of a certain embonpoint, your tie should still reach your belt, not where your gut starts to recede.

On the subject of ties, if you're going to be seen on TV, be sure you're not lolling in your chair with your tie off to the side. What's with that? I don't want that.