Jan. 30th, 2011

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Castle s3 e13: Dear show, you can have the UST or you can have the unresolved mother's murder case. This is a case of or, not and. Also, can we stop having treatment from the other inmates as threats? Actually, in prison, you're supposed to keep order.

The Woman who Still wants to Marry (K-drama): I checked this out because [personal profile] oyceter was so pleased with it. I really wanted to be pleased with it, I did! The first episode features a monologue about how women need to love and respect themselves to get love and respect--nothing all that new, I know--and something like "reporting from the dawn of a new day…" and it was good! But then it backtracks and goes for the comedy in the squikky way. I couldn't do it.

I am Legend (K-drama): It started out so strong, and it gave me fun music. It got bogged down about two thirds through, and then it went somewhere unsatisfying. I really felt the takeaway message was [mild non-specific spoilerdragon, highlight to view] that dreams are for chasing for a while, and then you settle down and be responsible ajummas.

The Mysteries of Love (HK-drama): Oh, show! Show is deeply deeply flawed with a brief side storyline played for laughs that was maybe homophobia played for laughs, maybe transphobia, maybe just (just!) making fun of someone in drag. Then there was the mental health storyline. Oh, people, it was not good. And then there was the crap detectiving so that we could ask the physicist for help. But the love story! Oh, it was so nice. ^_^ I kept coming back for the love story. If you do watch it, though, skip the opening sequence (it's 1:20 long, which is up arrow, right arrow, right arrow in mplayer) as it has OMG spoilerdragons (the worst are in the last ~30 seconds of the opening, but I advise skipping it entirely). Also, the beginning of the first episode is a little wtf. Someone wanted to film a wuxia fight, and so someone got to. What?

For all that it sounds like I didn't enjoy this, I really did. Oh, show!


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