Jan. 17th, 2011

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I've mentioned oppressive language a couple of times. It remains something that I'm very aware of. Here's that great resource I've pointed out a couple of times.

"But Ginny," you may say, "no other word in the English language properly conveys this." Used to be all I had to reply to that was an eyeroll and disgust (given the richness of the language and users' cheerful tendency to grab any word they want from another language or just make one up if they can't find it, that reasoning just doesn't hold water). No longer! Here's a great starting point for substitutions.

Seriously, the reality of oppressed people is not the metaphor of the oppressing group. This perpetuates oppression, normalizes it, hides it in plain site. It's ugly and mean. I want people to be better than that. Don't you?

Also, the language of oppression is sometimes used in-group in a non-oppressive way. This is called reclaiming. In no way is it okay for someone outside the oppressed group to use it: that perpetuates the oppression, undoing any good the reclaiming might have done.


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